As the last book in the series – I am happy to say that Starlight didn’t disappoint (as so many others sometimes do)!
I enjoyed the build up to the inevitable final conclusion and battle. I really couldn’t put it down!

I love that Adrienne doesn’t feel the need to dumb anything down for her readers – small little tit bits and clues are dropped along the way, and yes you are asked to connect the dots – and they all finally get tied up (which makes me so happy – as cannot stand to get to the end and not have clarification!) Whilst reading I had many Eureka moments, where things that happened in the other books were finally explained and everything started to make sense!!
Being that I am more into the older part of the Young Adult age category – I am so pleased that Adrienne does touch of some of the more adult language and graphic things that happen (in all of history and writing – battles and war aren’t fluffy and sugar-coated!). So I totally stand by some of the subjects she touched on in this series and it all just makes Elena our heroine so much stronger than some of the other frilly/sickly sweet ‘strong’ heroines we get.
Also due to the fact that I have read almost anything I can get my hands on in the YA field, often I find that I can predict or guess at some authors ‘massive surprises’ – but Adrienne kept me guessing up until the final page. I mean the explanation of a rider and their dragons dent – WOW – move over Twilight and your imprinting! I would take a dent over anything! Just perfect and totally not what I expected!
Some of the characters I didn’t like from the very first books made decisions that I would never expect and some came good – love that Adrienne after 5 books could still surprise us with the characters patterns of behaviour!
My only struggle was with my love/ hate feelings towards Becky who sometimes I feel can border on a bully, but maybe that’s just me. Yes at times I also wanted to slap her upside the head for the mean harsh comments she made, but then she would do something loyal and I would forgive her.

Elena sometimes did come across a little whiny, which did grate – but again very minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things! What can you expect from teenagers?!
It was a bittersweet ending, loved it all, we lost a lot and yes I did shed a tear in happiness and also in sadness but isn’t that just so true to life!). I am so pleased to have picked up this series and followed through!
As a follower of Adrienne’s mailing list – I enjoyed all of her weekly chapter updates and sneak peaks! She really knows how to treat her readers+ fans – which also just adds to my enjoyment of this author and her books!
My only little thing – I read the story on the Kindle version (as I am from the UK) it was a little hard to get the actual book, there were quite a few typos which did cause a few re reads of sentences – but honestly the book was so good it didn’t slow me down all that much!
If you love dragons, this will be a great spin on an already overdone genre! Definitely pick up this series and enjoy the character banter, love hate situations, tears and joy!
To get over the book hangover –

*I think you will also Love Melissa De La Cruz’s Heart of Dread series or Jaymin Eve’s Supernatural Prison series*


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