Maas Assasin


As a HUGE fan of Sarah, I truly think I would happily enjoy reading her grocery list, I was a little sad when I didn’t absolutely love the first book of this series – A Court of Thorns and Roses. I just found Feyre (Beauty) a little hollow and lacking in something for me!
But as Beauty and the Beast if one of my all-time favourite Fairy tales I was of course going to read the second book in the series no matter what!
I am so, so, so glad I did! I was blown away with the second book – which picks up from where Feyre left off Under the Mountain. Getting used to her new body, powers and responsibility in the Spring Court! Broken and tormented by everything she had to do to live!
And although she is broken, I feel she has filled out as a character. Very true to life, Feyre has changed so much and has grown to realise that with these changes – her priorities, loves, wants and needs have also changed! When you are reading you slowly start to see how her perspective on people and their actions have altered and ours does right along with!
Her bargain still stands with Rhys and we get to meet and spend time with the other courts and High Lords who we briefly met Under the Mountain – WHICH DO NOT DISSAPPOINT! In true court fashion, we get to see behind the reasons and actions behind some of the scheming and plotting! We also got to hear the other POV on the history between Tamlin + Rhys.
The book is split into 3 parts, which I quite enjoyed and I think fit in with the fact that the realm is split into so many courts and territories!
So many more characters were introduced whilst Feyre spends time in the Night Court, but not one feels like they don’t need to be there! They are all amazing and add so much to the story! I love each and every one of them, and can’t wait to hear more on their individual stories!
We also get to go back to the Human realm and hear more from Nesta and Elaine – which I actually didn’t realise how much I would enjoy having them back after how badly I thought of them after ACOTAR!
I just can’t put into words, how much Maas has flipped the story on its head and added in histories and stories and characters – I just cannot see where the 3 and final book may take us! Which has me craving it NOW, NOW, NOW!
Some of the lines were so poetic and beautiful, I think they will haunt me forever! And the ending – even until the last page I didn’t realise the game that was being played and then BAM the last line! I think my jaw hit the floor and I had to have a double re read! Awesome! Mind Blown!
Feyre you Rule!!!
Let the Battle with Hyburn begin!
I am thrilled that Maas took fairy tales back to what they should be, dark, scary and gnashing teeth, fangs, claws and some nameless fears that come creeping out at night! Hurrah, so something that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows!
My one request though would be – please, please can we not fall in love with our knight in shining armour and then find out what a total douche bag he is latter down the line! (Sighs and thinks of *males we were taught to love and then hate from her other series*). It’s a cruel, cruel game you play with us Sarah! Our poor mortal hearts cannot take it!

If you are into the Beauty and the Beast story – you should definitely check out;
Beauty – By Robin McKinley

To fill in the time until the next book is out;
*I think you will also Love Sarah’s other series Throne of Glass and Selene Charles’ Tempted Series*


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