New Year… New Blog

So as it’s still the first week of 2017, Yay to my first post! *happy shimmies*

So I wanted to follow a strict guideline for what I think this blog will be about, after spending the last year helping to create an online Reading Website – I have decided to more time into working on something that is solely mine and my opinions.

So what I have read this week – Torn (A Wicked Saga #2), by the amazing Jennifer L. Armentrout of Course! I wouldn’t be much of a YA reader had I not fallen in love with Daemon Black and her other series!

So I know I am super late to this book – but I had some *Squirrel* Moments and kept getting distracyed by other releases!

Anyhooo, so Torn picks up where Wicked left off with Ivy coming to terms with finding out about her past and also nearly dying!

Ivy is such a great MC (Main Character), she is totally what anyone wants to read as a heroine – strong, independent and capable, Ivy pieces herself back together and just gets on with life and her search for answers and those who have betrayed her! Thank god for JLA always writing strong characters who aren’t whiny and all about the looks! I also love how the character does feel real, in that she learns and readjusts her ways – making the reader feel like you can see her growing as a person/ character.

Ren of course is totally drool worthy, I seriously want to look inside JLA’s brain for these men – first she gives us Daemon and now Ren, again we see some character growth with Ren also having to come to terms with what has happened in Wicked and yes he does have some douche moments in this book – but more than makes up for them by the end! Just give us more romantic scenes JLA, seriously – it’s just cruel to torment us female readers with the scant details!

Also this book can be summed up for me in one word – TINK – because come on, seriously BEST-CHARACTER-EVER! I want Tink to have his own book because seriously I would read it – and maybe even his Amazon order list , because I am just intregiued at to what the heck he orders and the times he orders them haha! There is the big reveal scene (pun intended ;-)) – which left me with a stitch from laughing so much! What a surprise that was and didn’t see coming, genius as I just couldn’t predict that!

What I love most in this book is the snarky banter between all the characters – lots of laugh/snort moments! I also love the modern name drops, Supernatural series, Amazon Prime etc that just make me feel like I could walk round the corner and meet Ivy, Ren or Tink (*fingers are crossed*, because that would just be hilarious! )

My only Niggle is that the story was quite slow and I got to the end and just felt like I wanted more to have happened, I am not going to not read the next book because I mean its JLA (Come on!). I just didn’t feel that crazy person take over and want to stay up until way past my bedtime to read it! The ending picked up and a lot was revealed, which if it continues at that pace will make for a great 3rd book!
Overall I think the book was great, but just didn’t give me the same as her other series! But if you are a fan of Jennifer’s, then I do think you will still enjoy this book!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

If you liked this book and you need to fill in the time until the next book is out I think you will also like;

Angel (Angel #1) – By L.A. Weatherly
Half – Blood (Covenant #1) – By Jennifer L Armentrout
Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicals #1) – By Amelia Hutchings
First World (Walker Saga #1) – By Jaymin Eve
Dragon Marked (Supernatural Prison #1) – By Jaymin Eve

What I am reading Next – Candidate (The Black Mage #3)by Rachel E. Carter.

My Wanted Wednesday – Well this probably going to be the hardest bit for me to keep short and sweet, so as it’s the New Year lets go crazy (as I did with my recent Waterstones Order);
I am so freaking excited that one of my all time favourite author’s is releasing her new book for her best selling All Souls Trilogy – The Serpent’s Mirror – by Deborah Harkness!
Firebrand (Green Rider #6) – by Kristen Britain
Dawn Study (Study Series, Book 6) – Maria V. Snyder
The Song Rising (The Bone Season #3) – By Samantha Shannon
Frogkisser! – By Garth Nix
A Court of War and Ruin – By Sarah J. Maas

These books are a whole lot of fangirling for me right now – 2017 is going to be E-P-I-C!!

What I am currently Listening to –
Okay, Okay so I am one of those people, I don’t do things by half, so when I find new music/ authors I tend to Binge until I have to stop myself, with music it means alot of repeats!
Hurt – Johnny Cash (Totally getting my Marvel geek on, getting ready for the new Wolverine film ‘Logan)

Losing You – Aquilo


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