Okay, okay so I am so super proud and just a little excited that one of my close friends has recently become an author and has already Self Published her first book  under the brilliant and oh so true name of Bri Amari (Bri by the sea)! And while I love this cool quirky lady like a sister, she knows that it in no way will stop me from giving her my honest opinion (seeing as she is such a awesome author – usually is a request for more chapters, more details and just, well MORE)!

Also means I can now totally get fangirl on *coughs, stalk on* and follow her on all social media and just generally bow down and worship at the alter of her stories and brain –

Her website –

Instagram –

Pinterest –

Goodreads –

Amazon –

Anyways, deep breath – I am currently now lucky enough to be Beta reading her next book Opalescent – which is due to publish on 7th February this year, so yes in like what 11 days *scurries off to pre-order on Amazon*.

Pre – order link below

They’re back! Oh yes, our favorite crew,
Of the Four Kingdoms Saga, in book two.
Iridess grows braver, her faith so bright,
The empath and the Succubus’s light.
Alongside her sister, she is set to explore,
She wanted adventure and got so much more.
Someone is taken, someone has passed on.
What will she do when even *her* faith is gone?

And THAT COVER – Beauts!

Opalescent cover.jpg

Anyways – so I will be in the reading cave for a while, can’t wait to get my nerd on!

Review will follow 😉


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