Opalescent – The Four Kingdom Saga


So I was lucky enough to Beta read this book for the author.

As much as I tore through Book 1 Oblivious (*Coughs* – Available on Amazon, like right now!) I loved book 2 even more!

I loved getting to know Iridess more, as a lot of this book features in her POV. Actually the author Bri Amari has this book told from all characters points of view, which some lesser authors try and end up confusing the reader – but not in Opalescent. I love the little tit bits we get each time we here a scene retold through other eyes and I am glad that the author treats us like adults and lets us add up all the pieces without having to spell it out for us!

I also enjoy that we get to travel with the characters to the other lands of The Four Kingdoms – Oblivious starts in Gemma Fortis, the territory of the Incubus / Succubus. In Opalescent we travel to the lands of the Urisk to Mo’s husbands family and also get to meet some of the other ruling families and creatures.

I loved Iri in the first book, but she has now grown to be my favourite! Even as an Empath its nice to see that she has room to grow in her emotions and even she struggles sometimes! Its so exciting to think that this character has more to give me as a reader!

We also get to meet the Dragons, actually called Drakon’s, but me and Mo think the same – they will always be Dragons to us! And I LOVE me some dragons! I am also glad that Bri has done something new with the Dragons, new species and new powers and sqweee velvety scales!

I loved that the book is so unpredictable. As a MASSIVE reader, I find it hard to not to guess whats going to happen and boy was I surprised and kept on my toes!

I also love that Bri knows what we girls want, some shirtless Kitty King. All I am going to say – don’t want to spoil the fun for all the ladies *winks*!

We also have some real life lessons which just makes the book feel more real and dimensional – like what Mo is trying to do. Nothing good can come from bottling up your emotions or in Mo’s case her powers.

There are just so many stories and threads going on within the book, that no matter what you enjoy from the books you read – Opalescent will have something for you!

I can’t wait for the next book and all it may hold! Bring it!

If you liked this book I think you will also love:

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