Maximum Ride – Hopefully not Forever


Having grown up with The Flock, after picking up When The Wind Blows as a teenage (now I know Patterson says that WTWB and The Lake House are about ‘another flock’ with all the same characters and names *rolls eyes*) anyways sadly I couldn’t forget what happened in these other 2 books and ended up giving me massive parallel flash backs between the two endings – I MEAN THEY ARE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME!

I have always loved Max and the gang – and yes I totally ship Fang and Max together! I have always enjoyed Max’s punch first, ask questions later and how she always has to find the answers. I was so excited when we started to here that Max was special and could do more than all the other genetically enhanced cross breed and that one day she would save the world, like heck yeah girl power!

As Nevermore was meant to be the last book, the world ended – how much more could there be to this series?

I was so hoping that this book would finally give us the answers that were so lacking in Nevermore like how was the world destroyed – a chemically engineered virus, a nuclear bomb or both and who the heck released it? Who survived and what the world will do when everyone wakes up to a world void?

If you were hoping for all that – you might be disappointed, as we only get the vaguest of answers and IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO GO ANYWHERE!

This book just didn’t feel like the old Max and the old flock! I know Max is only 15 and maybe sometimes we forget that being as in the past books she acts to much older and more mature! But in this book its like she has regressed to a kid again and running from her problems instead of facing them with her usual kick ass style! The parts that she spends away from the flock is just dead reading and feels really repetitive.

I am not sure if the rumours are true that Patterson has ghost writers finishing his books – but maybe its true, as it just didn’t feel like the same story or the same characters!

I loved all the characters back in the days of The Angel Experiment – but it seems to be that we aren’t allowed to like any of the characters anymore I mean sweet little Angel being made into some evil genius 6 year old, who is now like a Prophet, towards the end I just hated her! Who is the flock leader – by the end I actually couldn’t tell you!

The book just had so many *really?* moments – like how come some weird mutant hyenas manage to get into the top floor of a skyscraper during a world apocalypse?

AND HOW NO ONE WHO STAYS DEAD IS ACTUALLY DEAD! You know the saying – the boy who cried wolf, well I have a new ending to this saying. The Boy who keeps getting told is going to die – by the end of it the readers don’t care if the do or don’t! I am a sap, yes I totally cry when characters die, LIKE – A – BABY – but by the time half the book ‘dies’ and comes back I just didn’t have it in me – like why waste my tears, your clearly coming back somehow!

Nudge just about sums up my feeling about the Max in this book;

“There’s no boys left is what you meant” she continued bitterly, cocking her head. “No Dylan. No Fang. No more cute guys to obsess over you”…

Nudge was on a roll . “Poor, poor Max,” she said… “How are you going to survive with no one to fight over your attention?”…

“It’s just always about you,” Nudge said.

My biggest pet peeve is that Max and flock were these strong, amazing kick ass characters and especially the girls who always stuck together and were amazing females! Especially Max and she didn’t even get to fight properly in the final ‘battle’.

I hope this is the last book, because I am so seriously disappointed in the sinking ship that this series has become after about the 3rd book – what series needs 9+ books to end the world! Urg

Sadly I am a totally masochist and will probably read any book that comes next and just end up ranting about it some more!

If you enjoyed this book, I think you will also enjoy;

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What I am reading Next;

Traitor to the Throne (Rebel of the Sands 2) by Alwyn Hamilton


What I am currently Listening to –

Okay so wow after an emotional final episode on Lucifer and also an emotional episode on Shadowhunters i am kinda stuck on the songs from these episodes!

Don’t Forget About Me – Cloves


Unsteady – X Ambassadors








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