Study Series – the Finale – Dawn Study!



Book Summary;

“Despite the odds, Yelena and Valek have forged an irrevocable bond and a family that transcends borders. Now, when their two homelands stand on the brink of war, they must fight with magic and cunning to thwart an Ixian plot to invade Sitia.

Yelena seeks to break the hold of the insidious Theobroma that destroys a person’s resistance to magical persuasion. But the Cartel is determined to keep influential citizens and Sitian diplomats in thrall and Yelena at bay. With every bounty hunter after her, Yelena is forced to make a dangerous deal.

With might and magic, Valek peels back the layers of betrayal surrounding the Commander. At its rotten core lies a powerful magician and his latest discovery. The fate of all rests upon two unlikely weapons. One may turn the tide. The other could spell the end of everything.”

Having finished the original series years ago, to this day they are still some of my favourite books of all time, earning Maria a place in my all time favourite authors! Having read the other spin off character series, which although i don’t agree with some of the character choices (Opal for instance) i still enjoyed them, so I was excited to revisit the world with the original characters that I had grown up with!

I truly never thought I would say this about my fave author and fave series but sadly something for me was off with this book, I found myself able to put it down and find other things to be getting on with. Perhaps this is due to me having grown up and not relating to the characters in the same way – but I felt that the characters were a little flat and I found myself thinking that these were not the original kick-ass, sassy mouthed people I remembered. It all felt very childish “you put the ass, in assassin” had me having flash backs of the spoof movie ’Not another Teen Movie’ – which just felt off for characters who are in there 30’s and even 40’s in Valek’s case.  I missed the banter and rhyming slang between Ari and Janco, one of the many reasons for my love of this series – the comradery and playful banter to distract whilst dealing with deadly situations (the thing that real friendships are made of)!

Due to Yelena’s current condition she lacked her usual kick ass self, I alternated between wanting to slap her for being so boring to being annoyed at the chances she was taking as a pregnant woman. I think if the other POV’s that we bounced from were a little more exciting I wouldn’t have felt so much this loss!

Also the story felt very repetitive – everything was Curare or Theobroma induced, everyone was captured at some point and towards the end we aren’t even given clear explanation as to how they got themselves out of it (which is frustrating for such build ups to get nothing to show for it)! I wish those flipping plants were never found!

I was a little sad that sadly Valek is showing his age and although he can still hold himself in a fight and still currently clinging to the title of best assassin in the world, it was a bit like when you start to see Indiana Jones missing the jumps in the new films – it has to happen, but it feels like the ending of an era! I will still check my ceiling for ‘spiders’ 😉 I do love character growth, but sadly this felt like to only part that rang true.

I still enjoyed to book, don’t get me wrong – I love these characters and the old series hence why I picked it up.

I wanted answers regarding the baby and her powers, since it played such a massive part of the previous books – but we didn’t really seem to get that!

I am glad we finally got to understand how Valek was immune and I did enjoy the pieces finally fitting together in this respect!

I also enjoyed the new character additions in the 3 siblings and Onora, but felt that I didn’t really get to know them much. I am glad that we got so much time with Fisk, who is just a brilliant character and of course the Sandseed Horses, I so want a Kiki!

You can read this book without reading the other spin off Glass series, but I would recommend that you do read them first otherwise you may not get the little time spent with the Storm dancers and what destruction there bottled magic can cause.

Also to quickly get a little bit in about the cover – I LOVE a beautiful book cover, I didn’t really get the significance of the two figures holding cross bows (I am guessing meant to be Valek and Yelena – but neither pick up a bow in this book), a little confusing – which reflects my feelings in general about this book!

So I still enjoyed the book, I think I just expected a bit more as all the characters did get an ending, it just want !

Actual Rating – 3.5 Stars

If you enjoyed this book, I think you will also enjoy;

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

Shatter Me (Shatter Me 1) by Tahereh Mafi

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The Way of Shadows (Nigh Angel 1) by Brent Weeks


What I will be reading next;

King’s Cage (Red Queen 3) by Victoria Aveyard



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