Series End’s & Season Finale’s!

So I am slightly sad at the moment. I don’t usually have so many TV series on the go, but I seem to be picking up so many along the way at the moment!

I have just recently finished up with the last series of Lost Girl and it was a bittersweet thing for me, Lost Girl and the characters have been with me for year and years! I was so excited and sad when they announced that they would have another series and this would be the end – I wanted more Kenzie, more Dyson, More Bo Bo, Trick and all the gang! I am so pleased to finally have got to the bottom of who and what Ysabeau’s (Bo) Dad is and the story behind why she is so powerful and what happened to her mother. However I felt that once the bomb was dropped of the D word, Daddy in this case, it was all down hill from there – I was sad that some of these characters got less than a final wrap up of their stories!


Lucifer Season 2 has just come to an end and I can’t believe the cliff hanger they left us on – I NEED SEASON 3 N.O.W!! I need more of Lucifer Morningstar and his second in command Maize the daemon guarding the gates of Hell and the Devils back! lucifer-season-2

I also this week have finished Shadowhunters season 2 and thank goodness that Netflix invested more time and energy for this season! It’s SOOOO much better than the poor acting and poor visuals of the first season! The story feels so true to the books, more so than the film (though I was one of the few that actually loved the movie), with only minor changes to the story mostly to do with Clary’s mum Jocelyn! So looking forward to meeting the fallen Morningstar sibling in season 3, with the way season 2 played out – I feel confident that Sebastian will live up to his dark name!


I have also finally caught up with Outlander season 2, I was so worried I wasn’t ready for The Battle of Culloden – luckily that has been left to us for season 3 (hopefully I will work up the courage by then). I LOVE THIS SEASON – maybe not so much as season 1, but my love was different for this one. THE CLOTHES are amazing, the intrigue of court life – having been to Paris and Versailles. I loved seeing the amazing architecture surrounded by the Ariscocrats that one would have walked those halls and streets! The story of Jamie and Clair just strengthens and deepens – as all the best love stories do. The inevitability of the cruel hand of fate just destroys you bit by bit in the count down to the Highlands last stand against the cruel English Red Coats – I was crying towards the end for how insane it was to destroy the beauty, honour and history of the highland clans! In a crazy moment of madness I even booked a weekend away to Inverness at the beginning of August to visit the Culloden Moor and walk those cursed fields!

Luckily Magicians season 3 is back on to tide me over until everyone else is back, or until GOT is back on! However I am not sure if I am ready for how brutal I think this series will be, this got so dark at the end of season 2 and after the groups failed attempt to stop The Beast! the-magicians-season-2.jpg

Also I have just started a new series Emerald City, which is a retelling of Dorothy and her trip down the Yellow brick road to meet the wizard of Oz. Once again, going back to what fairytales should be – dark, dangerous and scary! I am so excited for this series and hope it lives up to its potential! I am a sucker for a fantasy series, but sadly had to give up with Once Upon A Time, a series that I still feel the loss of now!


All in all between reading and watching these series I am a pretty busy lady! 🙂


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