The Song Rising


Book Summary;

“Following a bloody battle against foes on every side, Paige Mahoney has risen to the dangerous position of Underqueen, ruling over London’s criminal population.

But, having turned her back on Jaxon Hall and with vengeful enemies still at large, the task of stabilizing the fractured underworld has never seemed so challenging.

Little does Paige know that her reign may be cut short by the introduction of Senshield, a deadly technology that spells doom for the clairvoyant community and the world as they know it . . .”

So The Song Rising picks up right where The Mime order left off, Paige is now the Underqueen of the London Sydicate. Queen of the clairvoyants and petty crime lords in hiding under Scion’s rule! Lest we forget that Paige is not even 20 years old, to have to rule the entire underground of London and keep them safe from the tyrannical rule of The Grand Overseer.  She has such a huge heart and wants to save all the new souls under her care.

However as Paige has moved up from being Jaxon Hall’s mollisher and having stepped over many people in The Rose Ring to win her title – she has powerful enemies who will do anything to bring her to heel! Including the supernatural Rephaim, who are still angered by her tearing down their penal colony of Clairvoyants in Sheol I.

Paige now has the impossible task of uniting the feuding thieves that have grown used to there own rule, territories and power! Also the taint of Jaxon’s betrayal still hanging in the air, tarnishing the London cities view of his previous second in command – their new Queen!

We get to see many of the characters we love from book 2, such as Wynn and the other Seven Seals AND OF COURSE WARDEN (Happy squeals!)!

I will say that the first part of this book is a little slow, but its all just to build the scene and set the story for the rest of the chapters! Wow does it pick up afterwards, you know those roller coasters at the theme park – that start of slow and climb and climb and then its all fast, crazy madness from there – so sums up this book! You won’t be able to loosen you grip for dear life once this book gets going!

After spending the evening last week with Samantha Shannon – it was great to see that the political thread of uniting under the fear of a lying, racist government did have some inspiration from current times! Wow, what an amazing lady to use her voice to shout into the void of these scary uncertain times! #JoinTheRevolution

“Some people believe that if they keep their heads down and stick to their safe routine and trust that nothing bad will befall them, then it won’t. They see things happening to others, but they think they’re different; they’re special; it could never happen to them.”

I also love that Paige still has room to grow, which we see in this book. As as teenager – she makes rash decisions, self confidence issues and will not take advise from anyone – which all just rings true to someone of her age. However sadly in the world that they live in, rash decisions have brutal consequences – which Paige will soon discover. I love a flawed character, it makes them feel more real and more on our level!

I love the back stories we get of some of the main characters including Danica, Nick, Warden and Paige herself – it helps to realise how Scion brutally came into being and how it was a ripple across the continents! The loss of all the characters really comes through in this book! The secondary characters actually for once also aren’t so badly outshines by the main character – I found myself growing to love Wynn and some of the newer characters just as much as the old ones!

I also want to applaud Samantha Shannon for having the courage to do what many authors are afraid to do – have there characters travel within their worlds! Some of my favourite books have the main characters exploring the world and life outside their homes, building layers to the story and adding to the political climate of the world. I have always wondered what went on outside the Dystopian cities we read about – is all the world as badly affected, what is their opinions on these poor tyrannical ruled kingdoms? So we see Paige follow a trail of breadcrumbs left by Scion – which sees her head north across the country.

I love that we get to see how the other clairvoyants rule their cities and how they survive under martial law against their kind. For me this is really where Samantha Shannon gets to work her magic, having been to Manchester and Edinburgh – I felt transported back by the beautiful and detailed writing of Samantha. She made it all feel so real, I could smell the smoke of the industries of Machester and feel the dankness of the Caves of Edinburgh (I am so disappointed I didn’t know about the underground world of Endinburgh when I went back in Feb this year!).

Samantha has woven an absolute tapestry of stories for us and I can wait to see them all finally and what they can create!

Even the villains have layers within layers.They are complex, mysterious and addictive. Still now I can’t work out what there next move is!


Actual Rating – 4.5 Stars


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What I will be reading next;

The Scarecrow Queen (The Sin Easter’s Daughter #3) by Melinda Salisbury




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