Bayou Magic


Book Summary; 

“Native American legends and the fairy world combine in a bayou filled with danger, deception and deadly secrets…

As a shadow hunter of ancient, evil spirits, Chulah Rivers is used to strange creatures and happenings in the bayou. But when April Meadows appears out of nowhere to enlist the Native American’s help in a battle that threatens the balance of the Fae and human worlds, Chulah is plunged into a deadly battle–and confronted with an all-consuming desire for this mysterious stranger who knows far too much about his past…”

Okay so a few things I must confess – I won this book in a Harper Collins competition, along with a crate of mixed Mills and Boons books, so because of this I didn’t realise that this was the second book in the series (oops). Starting second book in didn’t seem to effect the story – I can see that perhaps I missed some background story on the other two main characters Tombi and his wife, however it didn’t detract from the story or confuse me in anyway – which is a testament to Debbie’s writing!

Although April is not a shadow hunter herself, someone who throws themselves in the way of danger for the good of other people, she is no less courageous, strong and doesn’t run from a fight which is surprisingly refreshing!

I enjoyed the reference to Native American folklore which is brought into todays world. Imagine if the world of old is really living in the shadows of the modern one!

Chulah Rivers is one of the warriors who watches over Bayou La Siryna, after meeting April Meadows wandering alone in the forest, she says she is here to tell him about the evil spirit in the woods that is trying to trap the Fae into joining his evil army against the shadow hunters that would stop them from ruling the world.

April is half Fae, neither accepted in the Fae realm nor the human one – she volunteers to be the go between to negotiate the Shadow hunters cooperation. April has watched Chulah from afar, helping where she could to right a past mistake that she made that affected the Shadow hunter tribe way back in the past.

Chulah has kept himself away from the group to make himself stronger and to keep himself from getting hurt emotionally, due to a traumatic experience when he was a child.

April comes across as the new to being human as she really is. She wants to win Chulah’s trust and love based on her personality, not using any Fae abilities. Her ache for acceptance feels so real. The tension between the couple is electrifying, sometimes painfully so – but both are learning to put behind them their past guilts and hurts and move forward with all that they could achieve as the strong couple they could be.

This is my first read by Debbie Herbert but it certainly won’t be my last!

Rating – 3.5 Stars!


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What I will be reading next;

The Secret Heir of Alazar (Seduced by a Sheikh 1) by Kate Hewitt



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