So it has been a busy few weeks at work and with lots of little trips I have booked! I am slowly working my way through them :-).

I was lucky enough to get sent on a work visit to meet our Portuguese factories in the Northern region of Portugal. Flying into Porto and staying in the region of Guimaraes, which is a quaint little town of cobbled streets and mismatched houses with colourful balconies and woodwork.17757608_10156148964414199_7704212082174009383_n

The region itself is very mountainous and green – which is in contrast to my holiday visits to the Southern regions of Faro and Portimao which are coastal and flat.


After a few days spent working – Luckily I had a few hours to kill before my flight home, which enabled me to walk around the cobbled streets of Porto. The city has many baroque churches with ornate gilded carvings, tiled exteriors, colourful merchant houses and amazing bridges.





Sadly with only a few hours to wander the streets, ride the cable car up the cityside and jump on the Metro back to the airport, I didn’t have the time to actually go inside and see the interior of any of these amazing churches, maybe Porto v2 will happen in the future!



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